Track Your Dividends
Dividend Predictor tracks US and Canadian dividend paying stocks.

Dividend Predictor: Your Passive Income Manager

Dividend Predictor is the essential tool for dividend investors that lets you know when you are getting paid! Track your dividend income, monitor changes and drill down on individual stocks. Download now and receive a free one month unlimited subscription.

We are really happy to announce the release of a new version 4.6.1 of Dividend Predictor. This release adds currency support for USD, CAD, EUR and GBP, along with many smaller improvements. Portfolios can be set individually to any of those currencies as well as the overall currency for the account. Try it free for one month.

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Dividend Predictor Features

  • Monitor upcoming dividend payments
  • See recent dividend changes that affect your cash flow
  • Manage ex-dividend dates
  • See your overall portfolio income and yield
  • Dividend history and news
  • Create Multiple Portfolios in different currencies
  • View daily, monthly or quarterly dividend reports
  • Share your portfolio across devices
  • View your Portfolio and Dividend Payments on the web.

What Our Customers Say

"I find this app to be invaluable to me. I am a dividend investor and this app is the best one I’ve found to tell me my monthly income. I can test purchases to see how much I’ll make, etc. It also tells me when companies raise and lower their dividend. That is very important information that I don’t always have time to watch. I decided to review this app because it has made my life easier and more fun, and there are not many things like that in life" - C Oct 23, 2020
"Now I don’t have to search online for ex dates and pay days. I love how organized and streamlined the app is. When I had a question about a security I got an immediate email reply solving my problem. I searched for the best app for dividend junkies and this is the real deal !" - B Aug 31, 2020
"I use this a lot and not sure what I would do without it. It’s a great program!" - H Dec 1, 2020
Track Your Income

Dividend Predictor allows you to track your dividend income providing you an expected cash flow for the coming months, quarters or year. See overall income and yield for your entire portfolio and by account, and how your income varies by month.

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Monitor Changes

Check the Changes page to show recent dividend increases and decreases in your portfolio, and what affect they have on your income stream.

Drill Down

Along with an in-depth stock detail screen, Dividend Predictor provides a dividend history and recent dividend announcements to keep you on top of things.

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