Dividend Predictor FAQ

Adding a Stock

Tap the + in the right hand corner and then select 'Add Stock' from the slide up menu.


Enter the ticker symbol and then select whether the stock is listed in the US or Canada. For example, enter 'BMO' and then choose whether the stock is listed in the US or in Canada.

Deleting a Stock

To delete a stock you only need to sell all of your holdings of it. From the Portfolios tab tap on the stock that you want to delete to show the stock details, then tap on Buy Sell at the top right.


In the Buy Sell dialog tap Sell and All then Done. Once you have sold all of your holdings the stock will be removed from your portfolio.

Adding Custom Instruments

Use the custom ticker feature to simulate bonds, cash or other custom financial instruments that are unsupported. Tap the + in the top right-hand corner and then select 'Add Stock' from the slide up menu.


In the ticker symbol field enter "unknown". Beneath the input field, the title "Custom Instrument' appears. Now you can enter the number of shares, the commission rate (if applicable) and click done.

Go to the stock details page to override each value on the custom instrument, including the name and its value.

How do I add Preferred Shares?

Preferred shares don't have a standard naming convention. For a good overview of preferred shares naming conventions please see: Preferred Share Naming Conventions .

Dividend Predictor doesn't have all of the payment data for all preferred shares at this time, however the app should be able to add them, where you will be able use the overrides to set the payment amount and dates. We are following the naming convention used in Google finance, so for example the symbol for BMO Preferred Class B Series 5 is 'BMO-H'.

What is the Stock Symbol Format?

DividendPredictor follows the format of the exchanges on which the stocks are listed. Check the stock lookup for the appropriate exchange if you are having difficulty finding a symbol: NYSE, NASDAQ,TSX

Specify the symbol and the country. DividendPredictor will determine which exchange the instrument is traded on.

Some examples are listed below

  • 'GE' - General Electric Company on NYSE
  • 'RDS.A' - Royal Dutch Shell PLC on NYSE
  • 'REI.UN' - RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust on TSX

How Do I Add Another Portfolio?

Tap the + in the right hand corner and then select 'Add Portfolio' from the slide up menu


Choose whether the portfolio is 'Active' or 'Sandbox'. Active portfolios have their positions included in the combined holdings summary, whereas sandbox portfolios exclude them.

How Do I Delete a Portfolio?

From the Portfolios tab, tap the 'info' button ('i' inside a circle) beside the portfolio that you want to delete to show the Portfolio Info page.


Tap the garbage can icon at the top-right to delete the portfolio. Note that all stocks in the portfolio will also be deleted!

How Do I Purchase a Subscription?

Dividend Feed Subscriptions are purchased within the app. Tap Settings Buy a Dividend Quote Feed. If you don't already have a valid subscription you can purchase one. If you already purchased a subscription, the app shows the expiry date of your existing subscription.


How Do I Share Across Devices?

To share a portfolio across devices, you must have an account on moneypeeps.com. You can create an account from within your device (the one from which you bought a subscription) by tapping Settings Account Create New Account.  

Enter a valid email address and then choose a password. Once registered, a confirmation will be emailed to you.

To share your portfolio, the user or new device will have to download a copy of Dividend Predictor, and then select Settings Account Use/Share Existing Account.

Enter the email address and password you created above into the fields provided.  


How Do I Restore My Portfolio?

If you have registered with MoneyPeeps, you can restore your account by entering your MoneyPeeps email address and password within the Dividend Predictor app.


How Do I View My Portfolio on the Web?

If you have purchased or downloaded DividendPredictor, and registered with MoneyPeeps, you can view your portfolio on the web. Registering with MoneyPeeps also allows you to retrieve your portfolio should your device's backup fail or if you change devices.

To view your DividendPredictor portfolio on the web:

  1. Create an account from within the Dividend Predictor app by tappings: Settings Account Create New Account

    This links your portfolio to the web. If you already created an account, go to the next step.

  2.   ➝    

  3. Login to MoneyPeeps.com
  4. Click the Menu and choose My Dividends or My Portfolio

What's the purpose of the overrides?

Our data is provided through a financial service provider, and most of the time, this information is accurate. However sometimes there are delays or there are mistakes. If you find an error in the data provided, you may edit the stock details, and then switch the override button to 'on'. If override is on for a particular stock detail, the device remembers those settings. A lock icon   appears next to the stock details that have been edited.   Overrides you entered are saved with your portfolio on the server.

Why a Subscription?

We pay per item per use for our data feed so a subscription is the fairest payment model. If there was no charge for the data we would happily use a flat fee for the App.

How Many Stocks without a Subscription?

Without buying a subscription, Dividend predictor allows you follow two portfolios with three stocks in each one.

Is the Data Realtime?

No, but we do present each stock's closing price at the end of each day.

What if I see a Mistake in the Data?

If you see a mistake, you can use the override switch to input the correct data. At the same time, please inform us of the error and we will update our database. You can let us know in the forum or you can email us directly at: support@moneypeeps.com .

What does the asterisk mean?

While our data set is comprehensive, some stocks may be not be covered within the database. (See below for information on coverage) In the event, that our your ticker symbol was not found in our database, Dividend Predictor returns an update message and also shows an asterisk icon next to the stock.  To manually update the dividend information, use the override switch. 

An asterisk will also appear next to an item which has its override set.

What stocks do you cover?

The stocks covered by Dividend Predictor and the MoneyPeeps database are primarily US traded equities that are traded on NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, ARCA exchanges, Canadian stocks on TSX, plus many ETF's, closed end funds and larger cap mutual funds.  Specifically, we offer about 4,500 traded stocks plus about 700 Canadian traded stocks, which represents the universe of companies covered by professional sell-side analysts on Wall Street.

What currency is reflected in the data?

If a stock is listed in the US, then its price will be in USD. If a stock is listed on the Canadian exchange, its price is shown in CAD. However, if the stock is cross-listed, i.e. is on both the US and CAD exchanges, then the dividend is shown in the currency of the company's respective country. For example, BMO is listed on both the TSX and the NYSE, its dividend is shown in CAD on both exchanges. The stock price however is listed in USD on the NYSE and in CAD on the TSX.

What does the exclamation mark mean?

When you see an exclamation mark   next to some of the stock details, it means that Dividend Predictor did not find those details. You can use the override switch and enter your information for that particular stock.

What does Annual Indicate?

The Annual Dividend is the estimated dividends over the upcoming year based on the most recently paid or announced dividend (as opposed to the Trailing Amount). For example if the most recently announced dividend payment for a stock is $0.25 and the dividend is paid quarterly then the Annual Dividend will be estimated at $1.00.

How is Unrealized Gain Calculated?

From the day you purchased a subscription for Dividend Predictor, your portfolio's unrealized gain (or loss) will be shown on the combined holdings tab of the summary page within the app.

At present the figure is cumulative, and it cannot be graphed, but we hope to expand this feature in a later release, so that you will be able to track gains and losses over time.

How to reset your password?

If you have registered your account with us or shared your account across multiple devices you will have supplied an email address and password that also allows you to access your portfolios on our website. If you need to reset your password you can use this link, https://moneypeeps.com/user/password, and you should see the following screen.

Enter the email address that you used to register, then click the 'Email new password' button and you should shortly receive an email with a one-time login link. If you click on the link you will be taken to the following screen:

Click on the 'Log in' button and you will be logged in to moneypeeps.com and taken to the following screen:

Enter your new password in the 'Password' field, and again to confirm in the 'Confirm password' field, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Save' and your new password should be set.

The Android and iPhone apps are so different. How come?

The iPhone and Android apps are related, but different. The Android version is app-based, whereas, the iPhone App is cloud-based so portfolios can be shared across devices and viewed on the web. The iPhone app also has multiple portfolios, auto-update, unrealized gain, stock detail overrides, custom instruments, cash balances and many other features.
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