Track Your Dividends
Dividend Predictor tracks US and Canadian dividend paying stocks.

Dividend Predictor: Your Passive Income Manager

Dividend predictor shows you what dividends you will receive in a snappy little report. Reports can be configured to show  Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly reports. In addition to this, Dividend Predictor supports multiple portfolios that can be set to 'active' or 'sandbox'. Sandbox portfolios provide a way to model 'what if scenarios' or to create watchlists for stocks you want to follow. 

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Multiple Portfolios

Dividend Predictor now supports multiple portfolios. You can now mirror your investments accounts by US, CAD or by family member. In addition to this, the app also supports two different portfolio types. The Active portfolio type holds your investments and reports on them, while the Sandbox type allows you to run 'what-if' scenarios and 'watch lists'.

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View DividendHistory

Along with an in-depth stock detail screen, Dividend Predictor provides a list of past dividend payments, so that you can see if your payouts are heading in the right direction.

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